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Battlezone Archery Tag

Imagine combining archery and dodge ball into an activity where you can shoot your friends with specially designed arrows - This is "Battlezone Archery".


This adrenalin fuelled activity is available as a fully mobile service. We can come to a field or sports hall near you.


Two teams play an action packed event with specific aims and targets to achieve. The idea is to "tag" your opponent to score points. When a player is tagged they are eliminated from the game. There is a chance to respawn this player but you will need to achieve certain objectives.


Players also shoot at targets to add extra points to their team scores. A game ends after a specific time or if all your opponents are eliminated BUT it is a points game so you could eliminate all your opponents and lose on points - It is a game of strategy and tactics.


A typical session will include a short safety/induction talk followed by a session on the target range to hone your archery skills. Once all players are ready then a 6 game match will start. Each game is approximately 10 minutes. 


"Buzzing!! We all enjoyed. Well worth every penny." Feedback from a Battlezone Archery Session

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Hen party Battlezone Archery activity
Wakefield Archery Club
Stag party playing on astro turf arena
Leeds University archery club
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From 1st July 2021 Battlezone Archery no longer offer woodland events at the Wakefield venue

For more information about this action packed activity visit the Battlezone Archery Tag information or call 07973 692379

Action from a stag party
Robin Hood themed stag party
Who is the stag?
Hen party at Wakefield

Battlezone Archery Tag is the ideal activity for birthday parties, junior events, corporate events, school activities, stag and hen parties,team building, incentive events and great days out.

Battlezone Archery Tag offer 
Off site events at sports halls and clients' premises.

Paintball Experience also offer outdoor laser tag, mini laser tag and shooting ranges that can be hired.

Battlezone Archery Tag is organised by Paintball Experience Ltd

Registered Office
Paintball Experience Ltd
5 Waingap Crescent
OL12 8PX

Company Registration number 4819287

Telephone Number -  07973 692379

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