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Battlezone Archery Tag is a new activity and therefore customers do have questions about the activity. If the question is not answered on this F & Q page please email the office using the enquiry form

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Is Battlezone Archery Tag safe?

Yes - The equipment has been specifically designed for the game.  The Battlezone Archery arrows have a round rubber tip, which will absorb the impact when a player is hit. The arrows are made from high impact unbreakable plastic and high performance foam. The bows are made for state of the art polyurethane and are virtually unbreakable.


All players and spectators must wear masks supplied at the event. These contain a high impact lens, face and ear protection. Please* see the note below with regards to the wearing of a mask.


Does it hurt?


No - The arrows are designed to absord the impact - YES - you will feel the impact but unlike paintball you should not have bruises (unless you run into a tree!!)


What age restrictions are there?


All players must be 12 years old + (or 11 years old if they are in year 7 at Secondary School) All players must sign a game consent form and players under 16 must have it countersigned by an adult to confirm they are allowed to play.


Are there any height restrictions?


No - if players meet the age restrictions then they can play

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What should I wear?


We always suggest old clothing as you might get a bit dirty diving around the playing zone. Stout footwear i.e. boots if possible as you are playing on uneven surfaces. If your event is in a sport centre then trainers will be fine. 


Can I bring my own equipment?


No - only equipment supplied by Battlezone Archery Tag can be used at an event

I have never tried Archery will this be a problem?

No - At the start of every session a full and comprehensive safety/induction talk is given to all players. This is followed by specific instruction on how to use a bow and a session on the target range. When all players are happy with the equipment and safety aspects the game play will commence.


Like paintball do I have to purchase extra arrows?


No - Our packages include all equipment needed to play the event. There will be sufficient arrows on the field but if you have shot all your arrows it is up to you to find more!! Like our laser tag and field archery activities there are no additional costs once you have purchased a package session.


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Does the weather affect a session?


We all know what the UK weather is like - unpredictable - we play in all weathers. Part of the fun is getting a bit wet and muddy on a cold day.


How much does it cost?


As a fully mobile service the price of a session depends on location, travelling, numbers of players and length of the session. Please call the office on 07973 692379 for a quote or contact the office via the enquiry form.


We have a large group can you accommodate big groups?


Yes - with groups of 8-16 we would play the session as 2 teams with groups of 17- 24 we would split the group into three teams and play a mini round robin tournament  Groups of 24 - 32 we would split into 4 teams and play a mini round robin tournament.


Can Battlezone Archery Tag be played indoors?


Yes - It depends on the venue and area available but a typical game zone of 30-40m x 15-20m is required. Smaller areas can be considered but the numbers playing at anytime would be reduced. A client must have permission to use the venue and any costs incurred when hiring/renting a venue are to be paid by the client.


I am organising an event in my area can we add Battlezone Archery Tag to our event?


The simple answer is YES as we offer a fully mobile facility. We would need to discuss the event and the location as there are always safety issues to consider. Please contact the office to discuss your event or complete the enquiry form.


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Zero Tolerance Policy


We operate a very strict "zero tolerance" policy. 

  • If a player lifts his/her mask during a session they will be issued one warning - if the player then lifts a mask again they will be asked to leave the game.

  • Alcohol is not allowed and we reserve the right to exclude a player if we suspect alcohol has been consumed or drugs used.

  • A player threatening another player or member of staff with verbal or physical violence will be excluded from the game

  • Incorrect use of or damage to equipment will also result in player exclusion.

  • Any wilful damage to equipment will be invoiced to the person who damaged the equipment

Battlezone Archery Tag is organised by Paintball Experience Ltd


Registered Office
Paintball Experience Ltd
5 Waingap Crescent
OL12 8PX


Company Registration number 4819287

Telephone Number - 07973 692379  - 

Let Battle commence
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