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Battlezone Archery Tag Equipment


Equipment - Bow


Battlezone Archery uses a specially engineered polyurethane bow that has been specifically designed for use within the game. The string is a Dacron sports string which is used for its quality.

The bow has been designed for easy use, simple operation and with its glass fibre core is virtually unbreakable. The bows can be used left and right handed.

Equipment - Arrows

The arrows have been specifically designed for Battlezone Archery with a head that is made from state of the art high performance foam. This is designed to absorb the impact on contact with a player. 

Equipment - Arm Guard

The arm guard is worn on the arm that holds the bow. Guards are worn for two main reasons. The first is to protect the inside of the forearm when the arrow is being shot. The second reason for wearing an arm guard is to stop clothing from getting in the way.

Equipment - Finger Guard

Finger tabs are worn on the hand that pulls the string on the bow. It protects both the first and second finger from the pressure that is applied when pulling the string back.

Bows ready for the players
V force mask used for Battlezone Archery Tag
Off site in Wales
School activity afternoon - Harrogate
Safety arrow head
arm guards
booking number

Equipment -  Coloured Bibs

Games played on a "field" or indoors at clients premises we use coloured team bibs to identify players.

Equipment - Protective Mask

This is a standard paintball mask that contains a high impact lens, ear protection, forehead protection and face protection. This is a compulsory item and all players and spectators must wear a mask

We operate a "zero tolerance policy" and players who remove their masks during a game will initially receive a warning but if they remove their mask a second time will be asked to end their session. No refund of game fee will be given.

Equipment - Boots

We are often asked if we supply footwear - We don't for health and safety reasons and size issues

We always suggest "stout footwear" is worn because you are playing on uneven surfaces and slips and trips can occur. Boots, stout shoes or even wellies are idea. Trainers for summer on a flat field.

Battlezone Archery Tag - Game Play - Do You Have The Hunger?


Battlezone Archery is played either on a field using a purpose built layout of inflatable barricades or occasionally in woodland.


Each half of the game zone has five inflatable barricades and four target cones each holding a ball. There is also a red safe zone in the middle of the field where players are allowed to enter to collect arrows but are not allowed to shoot their arrows.


Game zones are marked with white cones and in this area you can fire your arrows, outside these areas or in the red zone you are not allowed to shoot.


Players start behind the white cones at the back of their game sector. When the whistle is blown they run and collect their bows and arrows from the around the game area. Retreat to a barricade and start to fire their arrows


The game relies on a degree of honesty so when you are hit/tagged you must leave the field.  When leaving the field hold your bow in the air to signify a hit, leave your arrows where you are hit. Once eliminated you wait in your team “dead zone” and hope that you are respawned.


This is where the strategy and tactics comes into the game. 


The game lasts a maximum of ten minutes or ends when all one team has been eliminated.




A referee is on the field to ensure safe and fair play. If they have to call a player out they will point at the player and shout "Eliminated" this player must leave the field and enter their teams "dead zone" The referee will also put a  player back into the game when a ball is knocked off a cone or an arrow caught. In this case they will shout "Player Respawned".


In the event of a dispute the referee's decision is final 

Ready for action
Battlezone Barricades
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