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Operation Laser Tag

Outdoor Laser Tag is a unique sport, which brings excitement and enjoyment to a wide range of customers. The game appeals to juniors because it is like playing some modern computer games but "for real". 


Laser tag is a team game where players attempt to achieve objectives by tagging their opponents

Laser Tag is suitable for players of all ages.


Standard Laser Tag is ideal for juniors from the age of 8 years old. We also offer MINI Laser tag for players 6-8 years old.


Indoors, outdoors and at your venue.

We have a fully mobile laser tag system so we can run a game at your venue, at a Scout/Activity camp, indoors in a sports hall and on a grassy field.  We use inflatable barricades to create an interesting game zone. For more information please call the office on 07973 692379 or complete the enquiry form.


Alternatively visit 

Most asked question - Are the lasers safe?

Don't worry, Laser Tag is safe. Players shoot an invisible harmless infrared beam --  not real lasers

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